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Instantly Screen Visitors

Use FedCheck to secure your facility by instantly screening visitors against a personalized selection of 12 different NCIC “person files.” Whether you work in energy, critical manufacturing, healthcare or any other of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors defined by the Department of Homeland Security, FedCheck is your partner to protect your assets.


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NCIC: Unparalleled Screening Data

The National Crime Information Center, or NCIC, has been called the lifeline of law enforcement. The information contained within its files is unparalleled. By using a patent pending process FedCheck allows access to previously unavailable NCIC data to aid in maintaining secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructures.


How FedCheck Works

There are sixteen sectors of critical infrastructure that must be protected with around-the-clock, state of the art security. FedCheck’s security process automates communication, information sharing, and surveillance between all sectors for more comprehensive security, while safeguarding vital infrastructure around-the-clock with deep, easily accessible, clear data.

Other Screeners
  • Instant Check
  • NCIC database
  • Hot files
  • Data not yet through public courts
  • Unlimited Scans
  • ID Scan
  • Cutting Edge
  • Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies

Infrastructure Facilities

FedCheck addresses three strategic imperatives that have been instituted to drive the federal approach to strengthen critical infrastructure security and resilience; Refine and clarify functional relationships across the Federal Government to advance the national unity. Enable effective information exchange by identifying baseline data and systems requirements. Implement an integration and analysis function to inform planning and operations decisions.

Law Enforcement

Prevent incidents before they happen. FedCheck’s automated communication services allows for quicker response times, better communications, and cooperation across all branches of law enforcement. Unlock the full potential of your agency by partnering with us to protect critical infrastructure facilities in your jurisdiction.


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